Lyn Deaton
Direct Contact: (817) 726-1377
I have 15 years  experience into the paranormal field.
I have had experiences in the past that led me into this field to
understand what had happened to me and more importantly help you to understand ,
explain and deal with your experiences that we both know can turn your world upside down.
We DO-NOT  charge for helping you. If you find someone who tries to charge you then rest assure they are not there in your best interest. The knowledge that we gain from our investigations is worth more than any money could compensate. We are truly here to help you and your family.   Lyn

Lead Investigator

Paranormal Investigators of North Texas, Tarrant County, Dallas County, Wise County, Johnson County, Hill County, DFW, Mid Cities, Fort Worth, Texas, County, Ghost Hunters, North Texas

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