• Gerald.mp30:12
  • No.mp30:04
  • Kevin.mp30:02
  • Angie.mp30:02
  • IKnow.mp30:07
  • ImHereExtended.mp30:08
  • PeopleTalking.mp30:18
  • Sara.mp30:09
  • SaraExtended.mp30:11
  • Unknown1.mp30:03
  • WomanTalkingLaughing.mp30:10
  • yea.mp30:04
  • YouCanCallMeSomethingSomething.mp30:04
  • WhatDidHeSay.mp30:05

The EVP's listed below are just some of the ones from the cases listed.  There are a lot more that I hear but I'm sure most would not.  I pass those messages on to the client.  You will also need to listen using Ear buds or Headphones. These are a mixture of Class A, B and C EVP's.

Case # 364 Saturday 06-17-2017

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