DFW Ghost Hunters is a professional paranormal investigation team based in Dallas Ft.Worth, TX.  We are a team of Fort Worth ghost hunters that have been conducting investigations in Texas since 2003 and have helped many clients and families have a better understanding of the enigmatic events happening around them. We are a respectable, professional, honest, and most importantly, a trustworthy team of paranormal investigators. Our team consists of dedicated members who have a love and a passion for not only the advancement and improvement for the field of research, but to help anyone who may be experiencing paranormal activity. We empathize with what you are going through we have lived it as well and we know how hard it can be on you and your family.

We will offer information on what is happening to you, your family and surroundings. We will keep all information about your case confident and discreet. Our goal is your safety, well being. We will never ask you for payment. We will help you through the situation and solutions to the haunting.

We cover most areas of North Texas. Fort Worth, Dallas, Tarrant County, Dallas County, Wise County, Parker County, Johnson County, Hood County.

Contact us at info@dfwghosthunters.com . We are here to help you with any paranormal problems in the Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding areas. We never charge a fee. Discreet.

Lyn Deaton
DFW Ghost Hunters
Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

(817) 726-1377

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